Are you ready to cultivate the self-awareness, mindfulness, courage, and resilience needed to lead?

Authentic Leadership for the 21st century
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The world we are living in can feel chaotic and overwhelming. Join us to find your footing, make yourself known, inspire & connect with others, and chart a path forward.

Leveraging ancient wisdom and modern leadership practices, Perry and her partners will support you in developing the skills needed to boldly lead change in your life, career, team, organization, community, and the world.

A double rainbow at Knoll Farm, a 2020 venue!

Collective Leadership Certificate Program

The world needs more people who are equipped to co-create the collective leadership structures that will meet the complex needs of our time.

We invite you to be one of those leaders.

Join us for an immersive, transformational four-day retreat combined with personalized assessments, coaching, and an ongoing network of support.

Click here for the 2020 locations, dates, and registration details.

Transform Your Leadership

The Leadership Circle Profile offers you transformative 360 feedback, connecting well-researched competencies to patterns of behavior and thought that drive your action and reaction. Truly, there is no other tool to help you get to the heart of your leadership development work faster. Perry will accompany in gathering your feedback and integrating it all as you seek to lead more effectively. You can add The Leadership Circle Profile to any of the three private coaching & accompaniment packages.

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Perry’s compassion, intuition, and accompaniment will support you in tapping into your creative wisdom, skills, and talents. She will invite you to engage the hard work of changing habits that get in your way of connecting and leading effectively. She will teach you and support you in developing the practices that will sustain you, inspire you, and take your leadership to the next level.

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