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Sign-up for a group that will support your leadership development. Groups are a more affordable coaching option that also have the benefit of expanding your network and connecting you in a community of peers.

Classes & Workshops

Join us for an upcoming community class or workshop. You will have the opportunity to learn about specific areas or practices of leadership development in the company of others. See if there is something that will meet your needs on the calendar below. 

Learning Retreats

A few times each year, we offer half-day, full-day, or multi-day retreats. More in depth than a class or workshop, retreats give you time and space to process, practice, and reflect on your learning. See if there is something that will meet your needs on the calendar below.  

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1:1 coaching

In addition to the programs and learning opportunities on the calendar, Rootwise Leadership offers expert, personalized one-to-one coaching. When it comes to improving your leadership, personalized coaching sessions are the gold standard.

In coaching with Rootwise, you will define and make progress on your leadership development goals while centering yourself in the big questions of life: Who are you? What do you believe? What is most important? What is life all about? How do you make meaning? You will have the opportunity to investigate the beliefs, values, patterns of behavior, and sense of purpose that guide your life and leadership. Check out the different options and packages available at the link below.

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